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Welcome to Babyopathy created by

Baby Wellness & Childcare Expert, Angela J Spencer.

With over 25 years experience in owning and operating nurseries responsible for the care, development and well-being of thousands of babies and children, Angela has brought together her wealth of knowledge, experience and research used within her nurseries to give parents the tools necessary to follow her Babyopathy programme at home.

The ONLY pregnancy, birth & baby programme that immerses you in your baby’s sensory journey from the moment you decide to have a baby, through the pregnancy & birth until you and your baby’s eyes first meet and beyond!

Babyopathy will take you on a journey using music & sound, aromatherapy, visual imagery, meditation, nutrition, reiki and crystals as well as award winning baby wellness!

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Featured in Mother and Baby magazine as

‘The New Routine for 2017’

For all PR or Media requests please speak to:

Lisa Bryant of BumpPR

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