Am I ready to be a Grandmother?

Its is a question I have been asked so much in the last weeks since my beautiful daughter announced to everyone she is pregnant! I have to say, its a question that creates mixed thoughts from ‘why on earth wouldn’t I be’ to ‘goodness, life has flown by and my baby is actually grown up!’

I have known my daughter’s plans from the very beginning, after all, I have done so much research and work with pregnant mums why wouldn’t I support my own daughter on her journey. So when she first told me that her and her partner were at the stage of their relationship where they wanted a baby I was happy and grateful I had the relationship with my daughter that she could be so open and honest.

It’s been a difficult journey for her, she is my daughter after all so that meant she inherited the severe endometriosis that I too suffered with. She was told two years ago that if she didn’t have children by the time she was 25 she is 21 now) then it might not happen – no pressure then!

I had already completed my reiki master and crystal training and had finished writing the complete Babyopathy Pregnancy & Birth programme so was ready to go. We thought it would be quite a long journey so set the scene with the correct vitamins (the fab team at Vitabiotics sent me their Pregnancare range for her – we started with the ‘Before Conception’) and I also started her on Juice Plus and she worked on changing her diet to be a little more balanced. We then spent the next three months, as the folic acid should be taken for at least three months before conception, working with reiki and crystals such as carnelian and moonstone to strengthen and balance her reproductive system. We introduced meditation to help her keep calm and balanced and not stressed at all and my Pre-pregnancy All About You essential oil blend.

I have to say it was a wonderful time to spend with my daughter, it reinforced our bond and I guess also gave me time to think about being a Grandmother.

Three months in and I changed my crystals, meditation, oils and reiki sessions towards conception. We discussed potentially how long it may take to fall pregnant and also about miscarriage because I didn’t want any situation to be a shock or something she didn’t feel comfortable talking about. We also though talked about the power of positivity and positive thought and that if she was to fall pregnant, a pregnancy was positive and progressing and thats how we would think unless any other sign came to light and if it did we would talk about it then.

Well with all this involvement in her journey I was still surprised and had a tear in my eye when she called me to her room and showed me the pregnancy test after just the first month of trying – POSITIVE!! Even she wasn’t expecting to be pregnant so quickly!

She was my 5th lady to work with who wanted to get pregnant using the sensory techniques of Babyopathy and the 5th to tell me she was pregnant but I have to say, this journey is going to be just that little little bit more special as it means at the end of it, I will be a Grandmother and I cannot wait!