Born at 32 weeks – Why You Should Know Your Baby’s Routine in the Womb!

10 days ago, one of the mums I have been mentoring rang me to say she was heading in to hospital at 31 & 3 weeks because she had noticed the baby’s routine we had spoken about so much had changed quite noticeably and felt different.

As birth partner, I met her there once my other mum’s appointments had finished and was updated in what the doctor had to say. Her test results showed that she was at a high risk of premature birth. The hospital arranged for steroid injections to help develop the baby’s lungs just in case and after 48 hours with no further signs sent her home to rest.

To cut a very long story short, within 10 days we were in the delivery suite and after a 6 hour labour a beautiful girl was born.

Because mum had been so aware of her change in routine she was able to raise her concerns and have the injections which meant that she got to have a natural delivery on to her belly, hear her baby cry straight away and have that all important first cuddle before she had to go to special care for her lungs to finish maturing. 

Know your baby’s own unique routine!

From 24 approx weeks you should feel definite movements every day. By 28 weeks your baby will develop their own routine (pattern of movements) throughout the day and night. This can depend on what your usual routine is (how and when you are active or resting etc) and how they respond to it and how strongly you feel those movements can depend on where your placenta is – if you have any concerns, always speak to your midwife who will be happy to help you understand.