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Environment is Everything.

The imagery that you surround yourself with can have a huge impact on your well-being.

Here are a selection of my photographs that would compliment any home…



Babyopathy® is not just about “how to raise a baby”. The focus has centred so much on the baby in the family that quite often “the family” is overlooked!

Babyopathy® is about bringing a baby in to your “home” and in to your “family” and then encouraging that baby to develop in the way that nature intended, not the society or the latest fad suggests it should!

Your home is where you should feel safe and nurtured, relaxed and refreshed, it should not be a battleground and so creating the perfect environment for the family as well as your baby is essential.

Your environment can calm or relax but it can also stress and agitate depending on the colours and imagery that you use. For an expert on colour I always bow to the knowledge of June McLeod who I am privileged to call a friend as well as my Colour Consultant. From the basics of colour the rest of your “sensory oasis”  (environment) can develop.

Babies and children, like us, benefit from the natural beauty around us. They have enough plastic toys to play with so instead of images of toys and unrealistic animals, surround them in some amazing natural beauty that will install calm, relaxation and well-being!


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