Mealtime Etiquette

I sat in a restaurant for lunch today and for the first time in a long time, instead of being infuriated watching children throw tantrums or running around, I actually commented on how lovely it was to see a mum with a baby and three other young boys all under about 6 sitting having lunch and having a brilliant conversation about their weekend’s activities. Yes the boys were talking a little loud but that was just enthusiasm.

How lovely to see manners and etiquette! Etiquette is a forgotten word in the world today and it shouldn’t be because it costs nothing but is invaluable to others!

In our nurseries we have mealtime etiquette that we all follow including quiet conversation, saying thank you for your meal and of course, no running around. The children do this without question. Maybe because it is just something we have always had in place and maybe it’s because we make mealtimes pleasant too with our Nascuropathy touches of soft jazz music, lemon oil burning and of course the influence of nature on the tables as you see above.

Whatever it is, my message today is ‘bring back etiquette’ it doesn’t cost a penny to do but makes the world a nicer, brighter place for everyone!