Learn the word “No”

After yesterday’s ramblings about Ofsted’s latest report on nurseries supposedly failing children, I just have to comment on this news report click here to read.

Apparently, according to Sir Michael Wilshaw, parents should be given a checklist of 10 things a child should know before they start school!

On the list is “know the word No”.

Now I have to say this tickled me because we are not actually allowed to use the word “no” in nursery! Local authority representatives say words like these are too harsh and can be ‘damaging to a child’s self esteem and wellbeing’. So this means we cannot use a number of words in nursery any more such as ‘naughty’ because a child is never ‘naughty’ according to authorities.

Neither can we have a naughty chair or a naughty step or even ‘time out’. We CAN have tables with faces of all different emotions on it so the child that has not been naughty can decide how they may feel and sit at the appropriate chair whilst someone talks to them to ascertain why they feel the way they do and why they did what they did but wasn’t naughty. Anyone else completely lost and confused yet?

It is very simple Ofsted:

Children need boundaries for behaviour and security,

No means no, not that’s unkind or could you not do that,

Tantrums that use to just be the ‘terrible twos’ are now the ‘frightful first five years’ and beyond! Parenting advice has become so lax and “let them do what they want when they want” attitude I’ve been wondering if there’s more than sugar in the biscuits they serve in government meetings when they decide on some of this ‘advice’!

We wonder why children can not concentrate – because we don’t even insist they sit still at a table when they eat (or is this just when they’re in restaurants?) let alone sit still when they need to learn at school.

We wonder why children do not listen – because we don’t insist they wait and listen to us when we are speaking.

We wonder why children do not do as they are told – because we do not tell them when they are doing something wrong, we excuse it or let it go for an easy life or ignore it all together.

Sadly, for this current generation that is going through our education system it is too late for many and the effects on future life will be significant.

Things need to change! Hold on, I’ve said this before, for years in fact and it’s only got worse.

When will someone with some common sense as well as power actually listen?