My Message for Mother’s Day

In this time of judgement and peer pressure, this Mother’s Day I have a message for every mum….. ‘you’re doing great’!

To the mum who is breastfeeding – how wonderful that your body is producing plenty of milk for your baby and that they have learned to latch on so well – ‘you’re doing great!’

To the mum who is bottle-feeding – how wonderful that the advancement in technology means you can have the best alternative to ensure your baby is well fed, so you don’t have to feel guilty – ‘you’re doing great!’

To the mum who’s baby sleeps all night – how brilliant that you get some sleep at night, even if it means your baby is on the go all day – ‘you’re doing great!’

To the mum who’s baby wakes in the night – how brilliant that your baby knows if they wake you are there for them no matter what, and you can take a nap when they do during the day – ‘you’re doing great!’

To the mum who has the latest pram & baby gadgets – how marvellous you can experience the latest technology has to offer in the baby world – ‘you’re doing great!’

To the mum who has a tight budget and an inherited pram – how marvellous that your baby is able to benefit from the generations and is just as warm and cosy – ‘you’re doing great!’

To the mum who has their mum supporting them through motherhood – how beautiful to have someone to share the journey with – ‘you’re doing great!’

To the mum who, for whatever reason, does not have their mum with them on this journey – how beautiful that you are a strong and independent woman who can make this journey on their own – ‘you’re doing great!’

We recognize that not everyone has their mum by their side but they still need some guidance and support and to know they’re doing a great job! That’s why I launched Mentor Mums, we run free ‘drop-in’ coffee hours where we chat and support mums with any questions or worries they may have and if they want to join up as Members for personalized support and discounts on our products and workshops etc they can do that too! After all, there are some questions you just can’t ask your mum, so everyone needs a Mentor Mum!