Music to Baby’s Ears!

I am delighted to introduce one of our beautiful new products that will help to nurture your baby and their sensory journey, which of course includes their ‘routine in the womb’.

Sound plays a huge part of your baby’s sensory journey in the womb – my blogs on Reading begins in the Womb leading up to World Book Day are a must! Wearing our gorgeous Pregnancy Harmony Ball Necklaces during the day when pregnant will create one of your first bonds with baby. As you move around the ball inside the cage contains a bell that will chime when you are active. This sound will be amplified through the amniotic fluid and baby will hear it. Everyone I have gifted one of these necklaces to have said how much their baby responds to it with movement of their own!

When you get home and its time for that relaxation bedtime routine you are nurturing for your baby then remove the necklace! A clear difference for your baby of day and night time 🙂

Remember, though that if you sit with the TV on to relax your baby will still hear sounds so thinking about your complete ‘bedtime’ routine is important.

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