My Babyopathy Mumma Revealed

I started to blog last year about a young lady I was helping who had endometriosis and was facing a long road ahead in her journey to become pregnant. What I didn’t reveal at the time was that the young lady in question was my own daughter. I had fully intended to blog the entire journey and when she was ready she would start her own blog too.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that she fell pregnant within the first month of trying and that we would both become so immersed in the journey that blogging wasn’t a priority – enjoying it and it being healthy and happy was. I was going to be a Grandmother!

I am delighted to say that she will give birth any day now, she is 41 weeks pregnant today.

Her first trimester was a breeze, I confess I was surprised just how much she listened to me as her mum, but she did. She wanted this baby and was going to do everything to be happy and healthy. We had weekly reiki sessions and I made her a crystal bracelet for each trimester, the first in particular to combat morning sickness. She drank lots of water infused with lemons and used her first trimester oil blend every night to go to sleep. She had the odd bout of feeling nauseous but we kept everything else at bay. For someone who spent days in excruciating pain and bleeding heavily twice a month due to her endometriosis, I was so amazed that these first weeks were going so well. An early scan at 9 weeks to make sure everything was good confirmed it, there was a little ‘Jellybean’ in there as baby would affectionately become known.

She told immediate family shortly after to lots of tears of joy and much surprise but she decided to wait until after her 12 week scan before telling close friends. I think there’s a video of the reveal somewhere on her YouTube and I have to say, I thought we pulled it off wonderfully!

Her second trimester arrived and she absolutely blossomed, I couldn’t have been a more proud Grandmother-to-be (or baby wellbeing mentor!). We continued with the Babyopathy Birthing programme each week, she continued to be relaxed, happy and positive, something that many mums I have talked to have struggled with. She will tell you its because of the support, how we talked and discussed anything she was concerned about and also keeping a routine at bedtime of oils and relaxation.

I accompanied her to every ante-natal appointment and although the midwife was nice, I was completely disheartened with the lack of individual relationship or information. She was asked ‘is baby moving’ and that was about it. Blood pressure, belly measurements and listening to the heartbeat and sent on our way.

I know maternity services have been cut year on year but the impact is on the potential wellbeing of these mums-to-be and their babies.

For now, it was important that I gave my attention to my daughter and her pregnancy but I decided that the campaign I started in October 2017 – Routine in the Womb – was vital to support more mums-to-be and would organise an awareness month, which we are holding this June!

I am so thankful that I have been able to share my daughter’s pregnancy journey to such a degree. That she has trusted me to guide her through it and be the person she can talk to. She took on board all of the information I gave her, including how to get to know and understand her baby’s pattern of movement and rest, how important it was to stay relaxed and not stressed and how she could nurture the baby’s conscious sensory connections through her third trimester.

At one point she did begin to have hip pain so extra reiki sessions were put in with specific crystals and that went away too! It hasn’t been completely plain sailing as she did have an infection, gall bladder we think. A trip to the hospital and a week of antibiotics put everyone’s mind at rest and she was back to blooming!

This last trimester has been our closest. We have discussed everything I could possibly think about that she might need to know or think about. Birth plan was completed, bags were packed and we have spent endless hours drooling over baby clothes that we can’t buy yet as she doesn’t know if its a boy or a girl.

I could go on for ever talking about how proud I am of my daughter, how she has been empowered to make the right choices throughout this pregnancy, how she has embraced everything I have suggested and how she has shared her journey with me, but there is just too much to say. So for now, we are just waiting for this little Jellybean to come in to the world and I will share that story very soon!