New Year, New Life!

Happy New Year! First of all may I wish each and every person that reads my blog health, love and happiness for 2017. The manner in which we live our lives each day has a huge impact on our wellbeing and so as we embark on a new year do so with the intention to be happy and live every moment for what it is, good or bad.

As much as I would love to say that every day will be happy and full of sunshine we know that we have to have some rain to make a rainbow, but we don’t have to let the rain make all of our life grey and miserable. Everything happens for a reason and even though sometimes, some things can be heartbreaking and seem beyond reason they are sadly, part of life’s circle that makes us who we are.

However, one of my favourite quotes is “when you feel that all hope has been consumed by darkness remember, only in the darkness can you see the stars” – Martin Luther King Jr

So, always look for the stars, see the one thing you are grateful for in the sadness or the one thing that makes you smile in the madness. When you wake up each morning take a moment to find the one thing and start the day with positivity and set your intentions for the day to be happy.

As I have already blogged about, stress in all its forms can have a negative affect on your pregnancy, on your unborn baby and also on your newborn and beyond. Taking the time to relax, meditate if you can, or just breathing in positive thoughts will boost your serotonin and in turn your mood and both yours and your baby’s wellbeing!

So if you make any resolutions this new year, make it a new life of positive thinking, you will be surprised just where it takes you…….