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Babyopathy Birthing – a sensory, immersive birth with dedicated support for you.

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Supporting mums through a sensory based immersive birth in a non-medical role.

The benefits of a Babyopathy birth:

  • consultant supports you alongside the midwife, our consultants are focussed on the sensory wellbeing of mum at all times
  • consultants are on call 24/7 for you alone from 38 weeks of your pregnancy until your baby is born
  • consultants will meet you at the hospital/chosen place of birth and bring your Babyopathy Birthing pack (fees include an 8hour birth time, additional hours are charged at £50 per hour)
  • your consultant will hold two x 2hour pre-natal meetings with you, writing your birth plan with you, talking through any concerns and practising the meditation with you.
  • by using the whole sensory experience and the benefits brought by the essential oils, crystals and meditation etc throughout each stage of the birth you can experience a more immersive and connective birth.
  • Your consultant will then visit you 24 hours after the birth to ensure you and your baby are settling in to your new joint sensory journey. *Additional Post-natal support meetings can be booked.

The Birthing Pack includes:

  • All essential oils/blends that will be used throughout the birthing stages (consultant will bring any atomiser or aromatherapy jewellery needed)
  • Complete birthing crystal set needed for each birthing stage and immediately after the birth
  • Music and meditation – we also suggest you make your own play list too
  • the consultant – your consultant will also bring their wealth of knowledge and reiki training with them to benefit you throughout the birth.
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