Routine in the Womb Campaign – its starts here!

I have owned and operated children’s nurseries since 1993 and after years of research introduced my own sensory based care and development programme in to those nurseries in 2000.

In 2014 I published my first book, Babyopathy – baby care the natural way, based upon the programmes that we use within the nurseries. However, my research never stops and in 2016 I launched a series of pregnancy workshops to further nurture both mum and baby’s sensory journey in the womb – The Thin Blue Line & Backpackers workshops for mums and the Dad’s Army workshop for dads (obviously lol).

When reviewed by a Hertfordshire GP, Dr D Maddams he said “this could revolutionise how we nurture our babies both during pregnancy and beyond” which was a very humbling review for me for which I am eternally grateful as it has fuelled my continuing passion for research in to baby’s sensory journey both in the womb and beyond.

So, it has brought me to this campaign, to highlight to mums (and dads) just how important a baby’s sensory journey in the womb is, how you should know that routine to be sure the pregnancy is progressing (count the kicks is now not considered the best way to do this as was confirmed to me by a midwife during a trip to the Maternity Assessment Unit with a pregnant friend), how it helps the bond between both parents and baby (which is a growing concern that many mums are not bonding) and also how you can begin to nurture the routine you want baby to follow when they are born during the final trimester whilst also ensuring your own wellbeing!

I am passionate about baby’s routine in the womb and supporting both baby and their family through this journey, please help me to get this very important message to as many pregnant mums as possible, it could make a huge difference to their baby……

Our Facebook page can be found here – please like it, share it and support it!

Thank you,

Angela xx