Routine in the Womb Campaign Launch!

Well launch day is finally here! Doors to The Baby Show open at 10am and we are looking forward to meeting lots of mums to be!

I wanted to bring you a campaign film that would give you the information that you as a pregnant mum are rarely told but really need to know, without causing worry, in order to help empower you and support you through your pregnancy to make positive choices and enjoy both your sensory journey and your baby’s too.

Pregnancies now seem to be fraught with worry, and I want to change that. Both you and your baby have a sensory journey that can be nurtured and you can immerse yourself in to enjoy a positive pregnancy, birth and beyond wherever possible.

The campaign focuses first on knowing your baby’s routine in the womb or pattern of movement and rest. Which generally begins to form around 24 weeks and is much more discernible by 28 weeks. Although as always, every baby is unique and so it is your baby’s routine that matters and not what someone else is experiencing.

Then of course we highlight what can have a detrimental affect on a pregnancy. Alcohol, drugs and smoking are already well known to have negative effect, but the latest research in to potential causes of miscarriage, premature birth and baby’s wellbeing is how much stress you are under.

We all know how stress can make us feel when we are not pregnant, so it goes without saying that stress can have an effect on your pregnancy. But don’t worry, there are lots of ways that you can have a positive pregnancy and even more ways to help you relax and stay de-stressed!

So take a look at the campaign film bellow and follow us on Facebook where we will be posting a FREE online workshop as soon as it’s live!

Finally, I need to say a huge thank you. So many people have helped and supported me to get to this point. 24 years with my Angels at Play nurseries and all of my staff and of course fellow Director, Paul. To my friends and family, in particular my husband and my children who have put up with my hundreds of hours of research and working well in to the night. Finally, to Sara, Ian and all of the West Media team that have made the campaign film possible.

Just click here to watch the film.