The N-Plan for Pre-Pregnancy

So, last week was all about the start of my #BabyopathyMumma’s journey to have a baby and that included recommendations for some vitamins and supplements. Well, she has them all but remembering to take them is a challenge! Thank goodness for reminders on her iPhone!

Somehow though, I think this next step is going to be even more of a challenge! The healthy eating plan…..

You see, my Babyopathy Mumma is not a fan of anything remotely healthy but knows it’s a journey she needs to take if she stands her best chance at conceiving and a healthy pregnancy. So here it is, my N-Plan (N is for Nascuropathy, the name of my ‘family’ programme that follows Babyopathy).

N Plan cards A5 for printing copy

The most important thing is to eat a rainbow of fruits AND vegetables every day – it’s actually quite difficult to do so if you need a helping hand you can find the recipes for my rainbow of ‘Super Sauces’ in my book.

Good luck if you’re joining in the N-Plan too!