The Rise of Technology and the Demise of Development – Part 1

What a difference just 40 years can make. Technology has seen one of it’s biggest leaps of progression in our history – computers, mobile phones, the World Wide Web to name but a few and generally this is hailed as a leap in civilisation – but is it all it is cracked up to be?

In my view, technology can be very damaging for our children:

  • affecting sleeping patterns
  • causing stress
  • causing regression in all developmental areas of Under 2’s: physical / social & emotional / language
  • affecting fertility
  • affecting social interaction and mental health!

Here’s why…..

Pre-pregnancy & Ante-natal

40 years ago, generally when a woman discovered she was pregnant she would give up work around 6 months and spend the last 3 months ‘nesting’ and bonding with her bump! They would probably be surrounded by family who during the first 6 weeks would help out around the home so that mum could just stay home and concentrate on herself and the baby.

Now, we work almost to the point of labour starting, very often have little or no family nearby and most are up, out and posting their escapades on social media within days, if not hours, of the birth. Why does this matter and how is technology playing it’s part?


Let’s just talk for a moment about pre-pregnancy as there is so many books and blogs about pregnancy and baby’s first years but very few talk about pre-pregnancy (unless of course you are finding it difficult to conceive).

Years ago, TV dinners or pre-prepared food was pretty much unheard of. Many grew their own foods, especially vegetables and salads and if you wanted to eat you had to make something from scratch and the staple was ‘meat and two veg’. If you worked you took a packed lunch which would usually contain a piece of fruit and porridge was a breakfast favourite. Without too much effort diet was not all that bad, if you don’t count some of the old favourites of bread and dripping for example! Then if we look at lifestyles, we spent a lot more time outdoors as there were only a couple of TV channels and gardening and socializing with family was the norm.

Fast forward and we can have almost any dish pre-packaged and with 100’s of channels and a remote control who needs to even leave the sofa? Is it any wonder that we find ourselves in quite a poor state of health before we even think of having a baby? We are probably calcium deficient and most of us are vitamin D deficient and our diet is almost the unhealthiest in the world! So, are we in perfect shape for the mountainous task our bodies are about to face and are we therefore passing on the best possible genes to our children? Not so much!

How your children sleep, their future tastes and likes, their adult health and even the health of their teeth can be dependent on the state of our own health and well-being at the point of conception. So whilst the development of technology of food production and packaging for food longevity may be great as far as choice and variety is concerned, it is doing nothing for their health & wellbeing of our babies, before they are even conceived!

There is another factor to consider before conception and technology is very much at the root of this concern – EMF (electromagnetic fields) and it is not just a concern for women but men too! Through my research I have come across a multitude of studies that have looked at the effects of EMF on our health and wellbeing. The conclusions drawn from these studies have cited risks such as affecting infertility/miscarriage/childhood cancer and genetic/developmental disruptions. We have all read the news articles claiming brain tumours have been caused by mobile phone use, however it is not just about holding a phone to our ears to talk. Many of us carry our phone in our pockets and for men this is right next to some very important ‘tackle’. Studies have shown that men who are exposed to levels of magnetic fields of only 0.16 microtesla (μT) for six or more hours a day were four times as likely to have substandard sperm.

I used to carry my mobile in my jeans pocket, always the right one as I am right handed – is it a coincidence I developed a tumour on my right ovary? Thankfully it was benign, but I lost my ovary to it! So although no official statements are made regarding EMFs from mobile phones, wifi networks or power lines, again is it coincidence that there is a huge rise in couples (both men & women) needing help to conceive etc?

So, what can you do?

  1. If you are planning a baby (let’s face it some babies are so stealthy in their journey that they surprise even their mums when they are born or when the test reveals two blue lines) then take stock of your lifestyle. Are you a stressed out workaholic that misses breakfast, grabs lunch on the go and throws in a prepared dinner when you eventually get home kind of gal? Then actually you are not even taking care of YOU! Taking good care of you before you get pregnant is the first and most important step in your baby journey.
  2. Making sure you and your body is fit and healthy and getting the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals means you are creating the best possible environment for your baby to begin their journey. If necessary take supplements, this is where technology can have a positive impact as there are some fantastic developments in products. I would recommend Folic Acid, Juice Plus and EPA Fish Oil and if your diet is in need of a serious boost then a good multivitamin. All of these will not only ensure your body is healthy but also your skin – it will have some stretching to do!
  3. Meditation, meditation, meditation! Learning now how to cope with the stresses of life will stand you in good stead and is a key part of Babyopathy. It will also mean less cortisol production the effects of which have been linked to pregnancy concerns, even miscarriage in extreme circumstances!
  4. Your body when pregnant will be going on a journey all of its own so prepare it with yoga! Not only is yoga a form of meditation in its own right but it will help to prepare your body to cope with the hormones that flood your body enabling it to stretch and house a new life.
  5. Think EMF! Don’t carry your mobile on your person – men and women alike! Don’t put it in your pocket or in your bra! If you are using a laptop (it’s name is a giveaway!) don’t put it on your lap! Sit at a table at least so there is a bit of a distance between the EMF and your important reproductive system! Avoid using them for prolonged periods of time wherever possible and have techno-free time!