The start of a very difficult journey – Time for Folic Acid!

Some people are extremely lucky and fall pregnant at a drop of a hat, as the old saying goes, and some without even trying – I can feel the eyebrows raised in annoyance from here!

I personally feel some of your pain and frustration. I have a condition called endometriosis, for reasons beyond my comprehension it is only recently becoming acknowledged despite it having a much more profound affect on a woman and her reproductive system that PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which most seem to have heard about.

Over the years, my endometrial tissue took itself on an exploration of my body leaving deposits on my bowel, bladder, stomach cavity, stomach outer wall and intestines – invasive little blighter! However, this along with the multitude of deposits on my womb meant that conceiving would be difficult. Well, a miscarriage and a number of very painful cycles later I found myself pregnant with my daughter, who is now almost 21!

Had I known then though what I know now, things may have been a little easier, or at least less of a traumatic journey.

So, in my role as a ‘Mentor Mum’ for my new #babyopathymumma who is sharing their journey to motherhood, we start at the very beginning, with her. (In this re-blog I can delightfully confirm this is my daughter)

Changing her diet to help her medical condition be less of an impact is our first action. If you know there are food groups that make your symptoms worse or the opposite, can actually help you to feel healthier then now is the time to put these in place – before you are pregnant!

We have introduced Pregnacare from Vitabiotics so that she is building her multi vitamins and more importantly folic acid in her body, all 3 blends from Juice Plus (berry, vegetable & fruit) to ensure a complete rainbow of nutrients as her diet doesn’t cover it and Equazen fish oil for both her health and that in preparation of the first trimester for the baby’s brain development.

So, the first step for my #Babyopathymumma is to take care of herself and nutrition and her body health is where we start as how healthy you are in the months leading up to conception can determine much about your baby’s future health – even the health of their teeth!