Relaxation after ramblings….

The last few days I feel I have been constantly infuriated by the ridiculous reports from Ofsted about nurseries and child development, so some relaxation is in order….

The core ethos of my Babyopathy and Nascuropathy programmes is nature and the senses and how we interact with them and can influence development and well being through them.

Nature can have a profound affect on our health, well being and continued development as believe it or not we are ‘developing’ from the moments of life in the womb to the moments of our last breaths. So it stands that from those first moments, through birth, childhood, the teenage years in to adulthood and beyond can be nurtured and influenced by nature and the senses.

One of the most instinctual influences nature has on us is relaxation. So today I took myself in to the garden to just ‘be’ amongst nature and relax. For me that also means photography one of my favourite hobbies and so here is one of my moments of inspiration and relaxation from today for you all to enjoy too…