Where is that beautiful music coming from? That would be my bra!

Of all the questions you hear in a birthing room that’s not one you expect. However, yesterday was unexpected!

I had planned to spend yesterday cleaning my house (had flu for 3 weeks so you can imagine how it looks) but instead I had a 4am wake up call and birth partner duties were needed (not my daughter as I know I posted she was pregnant recently). Thankfully I had prepared the night before all the crystals and oils etc as I knew this mum had gone in to be monitored.
Having spent the last 3 months working with this mum through my Birthing Programme thankfully we had already sat together and written her birth plan so I knew everything she did and didn’t want. I knew she wanted to use the music I play for her reiki sessions as she completely relaxes and ‘finds her zone’ and had briefly discussed the crystals I would use. What I wasn’t prepared for was the power cut in the hospital that stopped the speaker (It hadn’t quite charged enough to work off of the battery before you say “have you not heard of portable speakers!) and so I did the next best thing which was put my phone on loudspeaker and shove it in my bra so she could hear it next to her (I must point out I don’t advocate putting your phone in your bra normally because of EMF waves and the risks that they can have – proven or not I believe they contributed to the tumour on my right ovary and I always used to keep my phone in my right jeans pocket!) so when the second midwife came in to support her final stage and she could hear, in her words, the beautiful, heavenly music, she asked where it was coming from and yes the answer was ‘from my bra!’ Needs must when baby’s head is crowning and mum needs every ounce of sensory support!
I am so proud of this mum, after an horrendous first birth experience ending in c-section, she totally rocked this natural birth immersed in my music and oils with just some gas and air at the end when it was intense. Little one may have been 7 weeks early but I truly believe because mum was so calm throughout baby was not stressed in any way and they were able to have a good cuddle and cry before she went to special care so her lungs can mature properly.
Who needs a clean house when you can help bring a new life in to the world instead!