World Mental Health Day

It is now widely recognised that our mental health wellbeing is of great concern. My concern however, is just where this is potentially beginning – in the womb!

One of the biggest causes of mental health concerns is stress. When we are stressed we produce cortisol and cortisol can pass through the womb to the unborn baby.

A certain amount of cortisol is necessary to develop the baby’s fight or flight response for example. However, excessive cortisol can have a negative impact resulting in an increased risk of miscarriage or premature birth, anxiety in babies, depression, ADHD or developmental concerns in children and let’s not forget the mum herself, an increased risk of post-natal depression! Maternal Mental Health Matters.

This month I will be launching the Routine in the Womb campaign that highlights the increased risks to unborn babies that maternal stress can have and empower mums with the knowledge of how to recognize their baby’s routine in the womb (normal pattern of movement and rest/quiet time) and in turn nurture it whilst also combatting stress through sensory activities such as meditation, aromatherapy, reiki and more!

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